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Engineering elegant digital solutions that drive businesses into the future.


Custom, modern and scalable web application development. We build platforms that solve and scale real business problems with tech.


Extend, develop, grow your existing tools and software. Whether you've got an existing software project that needs a fresh set of eyes or your tech could use a helping hand.


Grow your business with our global talent pool of designers, developers and office unicorns.

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Resync Digital fostered a good partnership by providing a highly commendable service. They provided great workflow and communicated effectively, which ensured the project’s success. Moreover, the team's speed was their most impressive asset.

Katrina Hall
CEO, Context

Our Services

We're a full service, full stack software company.

Our services

The technology we love

We're passionate about all thing web, and the tools that allow us to build amazing products.

Backend Development Frameworks

Our chosen backend frameworks allow us to build and scale web applications with elagence and ease. From basic CMS through to distrbuted microservices we have you covered.


An artisan PHP framework used to build highly performant and functional applications.

Node JS

Infinately scalable and extensible, Node JS opens the gateway flexibility at scale.


Your modern CMS framework, provides an out of the box Content Management Solution to power whatever your heart desires.

Frontend Development Frameworks

Our frontend stack is the best in the business, providing our clients with web native experiences that turn their dreams into reality.

NextJS / ReactJS

Powering the next generate of web experiences (and this site), NextJS empowers our clients to achieve more.

NuxtJS / VueJS

Extending Laravel to the front-end, VueJS turns data driven sites into powerful dashboards.

React Native / Flutter / Ionic

Mobile development for all platforms, without the overhead. React Native allows development for all mobile platforms, powered by modern web techologies.

Platforms & Providers

These cloud providers offer an array of solutions to fit your needs. We provide the solutions and management, and you own your infastructure from day one.

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

From the blog

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ReturnIT - A Resync Case Study

Introducing Returnit, a brand, solution and platform that brings the nature of returns up to speed with the rest of the industry.

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Chris Lawrence

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Welcome to Resync

My name is Chris, and along with my business partner Aidan, we founded the business Resync Digital in 2019. Both residing in Auckland, New Zealand, we were both working as contract Software Developers to similar parties and decided to join forces to provide more powerful services to our clients.

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Chris Lawrence

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