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My name is Chris, and along with my business partner Aidan, we founded the business Resync Digital in 2019. Both residing in Auckland, New Zealand, we were both working as contract Software Developers to similar parties and decided to join forces to provide more powerful services to our clients.

Mon Dec 27 2021

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Chris Lawrence

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Fast forward to 2021, Resync Digital is a highly experienced full-stack software company based in Melbourne and Auckland, developing web portals, mobile apps, API integrations and process automation. Our team has expanded to 5 incredibly talented developers and a gun UI/UX designer and Webflow developer, based out of Bali and other parts of Indonesia.

How did we get here? This is how we took our business international.

Expansion into Australia

Throughout 2019 we planted seeds in the AU market, mainly focusing our efforts on Melbourne. Come to the end of the year, Aidan made the move and based himself out of the Stone and Chalk office.

During this time we landed a number of key clients, mainly in the Fintech space. This solidified our approach to the market and set our sights on growing to serve clients beyond New Zealand.


As for many of you, Covid put a slight damper on our worldwide ambitions. Aidan moved back to NZ, and we turned to providing technical solutions for a number of SME's as well as turning some of our focus to producing some rapid MVPs for SME's and Start-Ups a-like.

Our Off-Shore Story

Both Aidan and myself are deeply passionate about building a business that stretches beyond the bounds of one country, as well as recognising the extreme levels of talent that other nations have to offer.

As a leap of faith, Aidan booked a one-way flight to Bali, Indonesia. The goal, to go where you're treated best and to make our worldwide theory a reality.

Within two months we had hired our first developer and focused all our resources on how to build a highly scalable, supremely rapid, and incredible awesome development company.

The content of these blog posts will be those stories, those learnings, a deep dive into our journey building a multi-national agency for the modern tech environment.

The future

Where to next? Well, as the saying goes the world is our oyster. We have a vision to become a highly-skilled tech incubator, virtual CTO and development power-house rolled into one, tackling the world's problems from a solutions-based approach.

Become a client

Here at Resync, we're passionate about all things Web and Digital.

Throughout our journey, we've helped companies develop internal and external solutions for:

  • Beautiful Native iOS and Android apps,
  • Project management software for a distributed team of managers, and accompanying mobile application for the boots on the ground,
  • Freight system integrations, to scale technical freight infrastructure and get people more in touch with their goods
  • Financial services to help customers get a true insight into their personal net worth
  • Scale systems automation for enterprise, helping teams work faster and more efficiently by cutting down manual work

Sound like you? Get in touch and become a client today.

Chris Lawrence