ReturnIT - A Resync Case Study

Introducing Returnit, a brand, solution and platform that brings the nature of returns up to speed with the rest of the industry.

Mon Jan 03 2022

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Chris Lawrence

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ReturnIT is a brand spawned from the founders of Mode, an e-commerce website in New Zealand that provides a marketplace for boutique clothing and fashion retailers to sell a simple and centralised platform for sales and logistics. Managing the commerce and logistics for a number of retailers, Gerry and Joel have a unique perspective on the full lifecycle of a purchase, from browsing, to purchase and shipping, and then in some instances to the need to return.

Introducing ReturnIT, a brand, solution and platform that brings the nature of returns up to speed with the rest of the industry. Joel's business parter Jeff reached out to us initially for a chat, as we have a large amount of experience providing technical solutions in the Freight and Logistics space (through brands like Freighthub), we were invited to chat to hash out what a returns solutions might look like.

Key challenges / The opportunity

Returning items has always ben somewhat of a challenge, from the initial frustration of realising what you have purchased is not right, to the wasted hours on your Sunday afternoon driving back to the mall to make an exchange, there is no clear and easy solution. Couple that with the shifts in todays markets to a primarily E-Commerce and online based retail platform, removing the option of heading in-store for an exchange, and you're left with the very manual process of stepping through the returns process yourself. From poor online returns forms, having to take your package to the post shop for an unknown fee, or dealing with clunky courier booking forms, the returns process has lacked the special attention that has been placed on all other areas of E-Commerce.

The key motivation and defining factor for success is simple:

Let's make people enjoy returns

Easier said than done? Lets define some clear criteria to make it happen:

  1. Clean and simple user interface
  2. Label-less delivery technology
  3. Realtime pricing and in-platform tracking updates


ReturnIT is a sleek and modern web application that provides an easy, intuitive, fluid customer experience to provision returns to E-Commerce and physical retailers alike.

We provide a dashboard for customers to manage their addresses, payment methods through Stripe, and stay up to date with the progress of their shipments through automated tracking and delivery updates.

Customers are able to have live prices generated for their orders, no surprises when you get to checkout.

We provided the platform built using the following technologies:
  • NuxtJS SPA for clean and smooth customer browsing
  • AWS architecture for stable and scalable deployments
  • Direct integration with NZ Post, for a first class courier experience
  • Stripe billing for simple and secure payment handling