Case Study - StrataVault

Changing the Strata Industry for good.

Changing the Strata Industry for good.

Modern technology taking on ancient industry.

If you've ever owned an apartment in Australia, you've probbaly had the misfortune of dealing with strata management at some point. You may have felt like they didn't quite know what they were doing or perhaps they could never quite provide the information you needed.

Many strata mangers around Australia operate using paper processes, stacks of filing cabinets and very dated software. StrataVault knew it didn't have to be like this.

Over the past 6 months we've had the pleasure of working closely with StrataVault to bring their existing cloud document platform up to speed. Running several major software updates, improving efficiencies and more recently rolling out a machine learning model to improve auto tagging of documents.

StrataVault is one of our favourite on-going projects, as it leverages a broad range of technologies to disrupt an acnhient industry for good.